About Us

Hello!  Our names are Jim and Wendy.  We are a happily married couple with empty nest syndrome.  (I personally call it a syndrome… hubby calls it a destination!)  😛  We love to travel and explore this beautiful world together.  It has been our destiny since we first started dating.  We enjoy going on adventures hand in hand, by land, sea and air.  We love meeting new people and making friends everywhere we go.  We are always laughing and being silly with each other ~ life is too short not to have fun while we can!

A little about me: I am a photographer, and love all things photography.  It has been a part of my life for over 20 years!  Sharing photos of our adventures with you will be something I always look forward to.  I am also a VA (virtual assistant), and I am a crazed proof reader!  I love to weld (surprised?) and it is something I would love to do full-time once we settle down (if we ever do)!

A little about my hubby: My hubby is a life coach as well as a security specialist.  He really enjoys teaching and mentoring others.  He is also a welder.  Yes, we are a husband and wife welding team!  🙂

We fly a lot, and enjoy new adventures in and outside of the US.  (I like flying more than my hubby does).  🙂  We are certified PADI open water/deep-sea divers, and we love the beauty and peacefulness that the under water world provides.  The vivid colors and curious sea life are incredible!  Diving is one of our favorite past times.  We also really enjoy attending festivals of all different types.

We have the happiest relationship.  We have been married for many years, and have had two VERY small disagreements, if you would even call them that.  We just don’t fight.  We just don’t.  So along with our travel posts, we will also be randomly talking about how we keep our relationship on point each and every day. ❤

Regarding our upcoming land travels, we are in preparation to sell everything we own, and live in an RV full-time… in less than two years time.  We will post our fun adventures with you, as we explore this beautiful world.  Won’t you join us?  Grab a cup of coffee and come along for the ride!

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