Destination: Florida Everglades

To be a friend of the Everglades is not necessarily to spend time wandering around out there.  ~Marjory Stoneman Douglas

I have always wanted to visit the Everglades.  Well now we have had the chance.  The HUGE gators here were numerous!

eve 2
This gator had to be over 1000 lbs.  He was massive.

It really was peaceful.  But I was constantly on edge waiting for one of these guys to jump on our air-boat.  Luckily our guide was brave, and had a gun just in case.

eve 4


Some of these gators were camouflaged and you couldn’t see them until you got right up on them.  Then again, some were out in the open, sunning themselves.

Being me, I was messing around and whoops, my sandal flew into the air and landed in the glades.  I just knew that a gator was going to snatch it up and take it away.  Luckily the guide turned the air-boat around pretty quickly and was able to get my sandal back.  It was funny, but I WAS glad to get it back.  One shoe would have made for a long day!  🙂

Until our next adventure~

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