Merritt Island!

Destination: Merritt Island, Florida

Live in the moment, sunshine or rain.  Find the answer in the salt of the sea.  Love the life you live.  ~Anonymous

We got off the plane and then drove for quite some time.  It was beautiful weather, so we didn’t mind.


We arrived at the rental house and thought it was beautiful.  It had leather furniture, lots of windows and plenty of room.


It had a glassed in pool, that overlooked a waterfront.  However the first time I went swimming, I noticed I was not alone…. YEAH.  SO.  My brave hubby “rescued” the critter and sent him on his way.  (not a fan of snakes, so of course hubby had to chase me around with it for a while),  Ugh


We went to the House of Kobe one night, and it was divine.  We had amazing food and watched the large carp fish swim around.  I got a mudslide, and it was delicious!


A very relaxing week vacation.  Only one note hubby and I must offer to any of you that will be vacationing in the sunny tropics…. UNDERSTAND that sunblock DOES expire.  And if you use it, even a lot of it, you will get burnt.  (lesson learned, and that will never happen again… ouchie!)  🙂

Until our next adventure~

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