Matlow Cay!

Destination: Matlow Cay, Bahamas

Winter blues, should only refer to the color of the ocean.  ~Unknown

Matlow Cay was SO serene, peaceful and beautiful.  We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!  Not a crowded tourist spot for sure.  We simply sat in the sun, played in the water, and flat out just enjoyed all of the sea life that was so close to the beach.  There was SO much to look at as far as sea life and little creatures!  Probably because the area was so secluded and quiet, the creatures felt comfortable there.

matlow 4
We had a beautiful time at Matlow Cay.
matlow 2
Jim found so many sand dollars.  Little did I know these are called “sea biscuits”!

The locals called sand dollars sea biscuits, because they weren’t flat.  These are shaped just like a fat little biscuit.  I love learning new things.  They also call seagulls, sea RATS because they are always looking to eat everything.  Luckily there weren’t any “sea rats” in this area, to bug us for food.

matlow 1
Looking down from our boat, you could see to the bottom.  Look at this cute lil starfish!
The rays must love the warm water because they were everywhere!  Friendly lil guys too.  Very curious!

You can tell the rays and sea life are very calm in this area because they were not aggressive at all, and were very friendly.  We were still cautious around them but they just swam by and brushed our legs with their soft “wings”.   After a wile we decided they weren’t going to bother us as long as we didn’t bother them.

Great times.  Soft sand.  Peacefulness.  Quiet.  Makes me want to move here and have our own personal island to relax on.

Until our next adventure~

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