Lobbers landing!

Destination: Lobbers Landing (Cracker P). Bahamas.

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.  ~Wyland

We spent the day at Lobbers Landing, and had the best time!  Look at the fun sign below that was on the dock… or should I say signs??? 🙂

lobbers 1
Fun signs like this all over the place.

The locals here are all so very friendly and ready to help at a moments notice.  I don’t think we have been somewhere, where the people weren’t amazing.  This was one stop where we were not surrounded by people wanting to sell something to us.  Except.  Drinks.  Yes, they had some amazing drinks to offer, so there was no way we could say no once we stopped at Lubbers Landing.  We also had a fun warm game of volleyball on the beach and took advantage of their numerous hammocks just for a nice change of pace.

lobbers 3
Lubbers Landing!
lobbers 5
Isn’t this the neatest grill?

I love the way they cook things here… outdoors and very naturally.  I just couldn’t get enough of the grills they used.  Kinda spooky looking, but darn good food!

lobbers 2
Love love love!  🙂  This sign was on the beach.

As always, I just have to say this is one stop we will be making again in the future.  Very welcoming atmosphere, great food, and wonderful people.

Until our next adventure~

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