Destination: Florida Fun!

Ok so who doesn’t want to be a kid again?  (ok sometimes)  🙂  Anyway, we took a family trip to Florida.  We visited Pollination Garden, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

We had a wonderful time.  When we go on family adventures, it is go go go!  No time to rest or wait, or sit down for even a second.  So everything gets fit in, in a very short amount of time.

florida 2
Look at this carved tree!
florida 3
florida 4
Magic Kingdom

Sometimes it is good to get “child like” and let all the adult problems go for a while.  Get on some rides, scream, laugh, go to a petting zoo, look at animals, take a ride on an elephant, look up at the sky, count stars… whatever it takes.

florida 0

Don’t get so wrapped up in everyday problems and stressors, to where you look in the mirror tomorrow and don’t recognize who is looking back at you, and then realize that a decade has passed you by.  Life is short.  ENJOY it while you can!

Until our next adventure~

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