Destination: Mansfield, Ohio

One of my most favorite movies in forever is Shawshank Redemption.  So when I realized they filmed in Mansfield, Ohio, I had to go there for the Shawshank Hustle Race!  So off we went.  The photo above is me looking though the sewer pipe where “Andy escaped through 500 yards of sh*t smelling fowlness and came out clean on the other side”.

ohio 1
When I saw this sign, I immediately got super excited!
ohio 2
Oooh it’s closed at the moment!  But I can see it!!!  🙂
shawshank 4
I can’t wait!!!  Here we gooo!!!
shawshank 5
We got to meet Glenn Quentin.  He is the boyfriend that Andy got convicted of killing, in the movie.  He signed a poster for me!
shawshank 7
I got to sit at Warden Norton’s desk.  🙂
shawshank 6
This is blurry, but was one of my favorite parts to see in real life.  ❤

I will NEVER forget this adventure.  Simply because I absolutely LOVE this movie.  Getting to run this race was something for my memory books.  The entire race was on the movie trail, so we got to see where everything was filmed, from the bench where Brooks fed the pigeons, to the jail cell where Andy was kept.  I didn’t get to take photos of the library, but it was something to behold (for me anyway).  I am so excited that we got to experience this, because I think to date, this was my absolute favorite trip EVER!!!

Until our next adventure~

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