Destination: Mansfield, Ohio

One of my most favorite movies in forever is Shawshank Redemption.  So when I realized they filmed in Mansfield, Ohio, I had to go there!  So off we went.  The photo above is me looking though the sewer pipe where “Andy escaped through 500 yards of sh*t smelling fowlness and came out clean on the other side”.

ohio 1
When I saw this sign, I immediately got super excited!


ohio 2
Oooh it’s closed at the moment!  But I can see it!!!  🙂


shawshank 4
I can’t wait!!!  Here we gooo!!!


shawshank 5
We got to meet Glenn Quentin.  He is the boyfriend that Andy got convicted of killing, in the movie.  He signed a poster for me!


shawshank 7
I got to sit at Warden Norton’s desk.  🙂


shawshank 6
This is blurry, but was one of my favorite parts to see in real life.  ❤


Until our next adventure~


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