Athena Parthenos!

Destination: Parthenon in Centennial Park, Nashville, TN – Home of Athena

The Parthenon without the marbles, is like a smile with a tooth missing. ~Neil Kinnock

We wanted to go see Athena Parthenos, so we did.  The Parthenon in Nashville is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens.  She stands approximately 42 feet tall, and dons clothing and accessories that look of solid gold.  I am talking HUGE and shiny!

parthenon 2
Athena is known to be the largest indoor statue in the western world.

Imagine just how beautiful and shiny she is in person, if you can see the shine just from photos.  You just want to go up and touch her, but of course that is not allowed.  Hubby is quite tall, and this statue made him look like an ant from the top of the Empire State building.  Look at the next photo and you will understand why!

parthenon 3
Nike (Victory)

This is the small statue of Nike (Victory) in Athena’s right hand. Nike is actually life-size (6’4), but she looks a lot smaller from the ground. She is the goddess of victory and of athletic footwear (lol I thought this was awesome since I love to run!). She holds a garland, with which she is apparently about to crown Athena.

The Parthenon is absolutely gorgeous in structure, has SO much history to offer.  If you want to be amazed, go visit this beautiful place at some point.

Until our next adventure~

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