Destination: Acadia National Park/Cadillac Mountain

Rise above it all.  Broaden Your Horizons.  Be well-rounded.  There is beauty as far as the eye can see.  Never take life for granted.  Take the high road.  Enjoy the view.  ~Advice from Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the United States’ East Coast.  We went biking in Acadia up to Cadillac Mountain, and it was an absolutely gorgeous trip.

acadia 6
Such a peaceful trip.
acadia 3
Beautiful locations.

acadia 4

acadia 5
Love photography.  Hubby decided to take a photo of me photographing him!

Lots of memories being made.  Remember, don’t wait.  Take the time to make memories while you can.  Life is short.  Live.  Laugh.  Love.  And take LOTS of pictures!!!

Until our next adventure~
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