Great Barrier Reef!

Destination: The second largest great barrier reef in the world!

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Belize, goes from Cancun to Honduras, which makes it the second largest reef in the world.  I believe the largest Barrier Reef is in Australia.

The waters are so clear and blue, that you can see all the way to the bottom with absolutely no problem. We could see the outline of the coast of Cuba from where we were.  We were not allowed to get our cameras out at this point, because it was illegal.

Raw Conch is very popular in this region.  We pulled up to a boat, where a local was harvesting Conch for meals.  It was kind of gross, because they looked like huge snails.  I did get brave and try one (at a restaurant) and it wasn’t too bad.

reef 1
Yes I still think that is a skeleton down there on the bottom left lol
reef 3
The guy in the conch boat let us take some scraps to feed the local marine life.
reef 5
These guys look small, but they were HUGE!  This photo is looking down from the boat to where they were swimming.  So clear!  (bad bad water camera)
reef 2
I know you can see a blue fish and some teal fish, but this stupid water camera did not show the true beauty that is underwater life!  (that won’t happen again, I just bought a GoPro!)  🙂

Although I am a big fan of Steve Irwin, his death came to mind when we were down with the stingrays.  It was a little unnerving.  But our guide said to simply not scare them.  Once they know you are there, they will leave you alone.  Phew!  Oh my, if you love diving, or even snorkeling, you must give this location a try.  The rays, fish, and turtles were so curious and fun!  We will most definitely be back!  However, our goal is to dive the Largest Barrier Reef in Australia one day!

Until our next adventure~

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