Jaguar Paw!

Destination: Jaguar Paw, Belmopan

So we decided we needed a “jungle adventure”.  What is the best thing that came to mind?  Zip lining through the jungle!  So we took the trip down to Jaguar Paw.  Talk about thick jungle!  The hike was quite long, the caves were beautiful!  And once we got to the first tower, we realized what fun we would be having.   The stairs up to the first tower were around 4-6 stories high.  But it was so well worth the cost and hike!

jaguar paw 3
Second landing tower of about 6-8
jaguar paw 1
Very high up!
jaguar paw 2
Wheee!  (blurry motion shot taken by one of the staff)

Want to have some fun?  Excitement?  A huge adrenaline rush?  I highly recommend Jungle Zip Lining in Jaguar Paw.  You won’t regret it!  🙂

Until our next adventure~

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