Ambergris Caye!

Destination: Ambergris Caye

Happiness is being on island time.  ~Anonymous

Hands down, I love Ambergris Caye!  Yes, it is the 3rd most expensive area in Belize, second only to Placencia and Hopkins.  But it sure is worth it.  Every. Single. Dime.  The homes are exquisite!  This is where we stayed during our week vacation.

Most of the homes in the area have the “edge” or “infinity” pools, and most overlook the ocean.  The water temperature was perfect, and if you squint, you can see that in that “cave” near the back, there is a swim up to bar.  You just swim on over and order a drink! Can you find anything more peaceful than this?

ambergris 4
The back of our villa, which is ocean front.
ambergris 1
Our infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

We couldn’t stop looking at the beauty that is Ambergris Caye.  We did take breaks from time to time, and do other activities such as Parasailing.  That was a super fun experience in its own right!  I will have to admit that when we got REALLY high up over the ocean, the wind started blowing and I got a tad “sea sick”… but no worries, I didn’t get sick.  (that would have been gross!)

These were our parasailing guides.  Nicest guys ever!
caye 2
Up, Up, and Away!

We will most definitely be visiting Ambergris Caye again.  If I get to choose where we move, this will be my preferred destination!

Until our next adventure~

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