Destination: San Pedro, Belize

Its not the destination, it’s the journey.  And in Belize, it’s both.  ~Anonymous

Belize 1
Home is wherever we are.

Belize was an incredible experience.  The mostly dirt roads, very few cars, people on golf carts, high-priced items such as 28 dollars for a small laundry detergent… yet the people there were very open and caring.  I had lots of very interesting conversations with the local people.  They were quite open and ready to talk about their community.  They all warned us about the sharks, everywhere we went, once they found out we were divers.  Even the restaurants warned divers in their own way:

belize 5
Warned about the sharks, everywhere we went.

One thing we did notice about the area, were that there were a LOT of reptiles.  They were not afraid at all, and would be sunning on the side of the road as we walked by.  It was kind of creepy, actually, simply because we were not familiar with them, and always thought they would attack.  But we never had that issue (thank goodness!)

belize 4
The reptiles were very large!

Overall, Belize is a place that we would like to go back to.  It was an experience that will soon not be forgotten!  When I think of Belize, I think of bare feet, bicycles, golf carts… and community.

belize 2
Downtown San Pedro, Belize

Until our next adventure~

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