Destination: Moosehead Lake, Maine

Trust is like walking out onto the freshly frozen surface of a deep lake, except the ice becomes thicker the further you walk.  ~Greg Baer

Winter Adventures!  Once in a while, hubby and I like to mix things up.  So we decided to go to do some snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing in the best winter spot, Maine.  We went with family, but I am not one to post recognizable family photos to public blogs just yet.  I need to get their permission first.

So much ice and snow to ride on!  The hills and mountains made it fun!
moose 5
Me taking a little break!
Hubby loves the snowmobile.  He rides rather dangerously if you ask me.
moose 6
Time for some ice fishing!  (not that we had a clue, so we had to be taught how).  🙂
moose 0.jpg
My stepbrother teaching my hubby how to drill the ice.
moose 00
Up, Up Up!
moose 2
Snowboarding Time!

moose 1

Moosehead Lake is a beautiful area for winter sports, and is also pretty gorgeous in the summertime.  If you are looking for a fun winter area with skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and more, Moosehead Lake is the place for you!

This is the ornament we chose to buy for our memory at Moosehead!

We really had a great time on our winter adventure and look forward to more!  Where will we end up next?  Check back in and see!   Off we go!!!

Until our next adventure~
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