What do YOU collect?

Spice up your life.  ~Anonymous

I know that many of you who travel a lot, regularly collect things.  Most collect shot glasses.  Some collect thimbles, or post cards, seashells, sand, t-shirts… the ideas are endless.

However, MY collection is of hot sauce.  Weird, right?  I love hot sauce, and enjoy trying hot sauces that are made locally in different places.  I am not only supporting their local economy, but also adding a little spice to my life.  🙂

I am not much of a drinker at all.  But when I do indulge, I love Rum (like the bottle on the far left).  So when we go to the Bahamas or Caribbean, I love to get a small bottle or two of their local Rum.  As soon as we arrive somewhere, hubby likes to immediately find a micro-tiny beer hut, and try out a local beer.  Some he doesn’t like, and some he really loves!  So he doesn’t necessarily collect anything, but he really enjoys trying the different local lagers.  Kalik is one of his favorites when we visit the Bahamas.

Hubby enjoys getting weird and strange gifts for people back home.  Like one friend of his HATES crickets.  So of course, on a recent adventure, he bought her some salt and vinegar crickets to eat.  Yeah, so she was NOT happy.  😛  He loves making people smile and laugh.

Another thing that we do since we met, is getting a local ornament for our Christmas tree. So now, when we go on a trip, we look around at all the local shops, and find a special ornament that we want to add to our Christmas tree. It’s a lot of fun to choose a special memory for the both of us. I will start adding some photos of them to the blog, so you can see them.

This is the ornament we purchased when we were in Boothbay, Maine recently and rode the railway.

Anyway, collecting little items for memories can be fun!

So what treasures do you collect when you go on trips or adventures?  We would love to know!

Until our next adventure~

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