St. Lucia!

Destination: Gros Islet, St. Lucia: Pigeon Island, Castries, St. Lucia – West Indies

Your heart is the size of the ocean.  Go find yourself in it’s hidden depths.  ~Rumi

Ok, there is SO much to see in St. Lucia.  We made the most of our time and went to so many different places.  Of course you know hubby loves trying the local beer.  He highly recommends Piton beer, which is a local lager.  I always like to recommend something from each place, so that you can check it out if you get the chance to visit.

One of our favorite places was Pigeon Island, the national landmark.  We took several hours and hiked through this landmark and saw some incredible ruins.

st lucia 3

Below is one of the pieces of the ruins.  We actually visited the US Signal Station Ft. Rodney Musket Redoubt Gun Slide at Signal Peak.  We hiked to the top.  This particular piece was once the Lime Kiln from the 18th century.  The most intensive period of British occupation of Pigeon Island was from 1779-1783.  This Kiln was the first structure built.

st lucia 4

st lucia 1

We had a very peaceful visit at St. Lucia.  Lots of time to converse, reminisce, and explore.  The beaches on the side we were on, had very few people, so it was like our own personal piece of paradise!

st lucia 1

One thing I was enchanted with on this island, was the amount of cacti.  Being right next to the ocean, these tall prickly guys were everywhere.  It was very interesting.  I always associate the desert with cactus.  Mind blown!

st lucia4

As our time in St. Lucia came to a close, we were sitting on a small beach at dusk, and this little boy was dancing, flipping and singing… he made our heart melt.   Think about what the world would be like, if we had just a small minuscule amount of this little boy’s happiness to give to everyone.  ❤

Until our next adventure~
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