St. Kitts!

Destination: St. Kitts, West Indies

We must go and see for ourselves.  ~Jacques Cousteau

When I think of St. Kitts, I think of cute little monkeys in diapers, and colorful dances!

There were LOTS of people walking around with tiny little monkeys on their head, shoulder, back, purse… The people of St. Kitts were charging tourists to be able to hold one of their little monkeys to get a photo.  Hey, whatever it takes, right?  They were super cute, but I didn’t want one sitting on me, and neither did hubby.

This monkey is on a tourist’s head!

We started walking around, and there were these adorable young people in super colorful outfits with peacock feather hats, dancing for tips! (top photo)  They were so good too!  I could have stood there and watched them for hours!  Take a look at their outfits.  How creative!  And flowy… and colorful!!!  They were so talented, and really did a great job!

stkitts 2

As you can see above, the inner city is VERY touristy.  The roads are one lane, and… there were no cars.  It appears to be set up strictly for non-locals, in order to keep the revenue coming in and the economy going up.  We still had a wonderful time!

We visited the National Museum and it was great.  Very spot on to the local area.  Unfortunately they did not allow us to have cameras or phones out while inside.  It would have been nice to be able to have memories of all of the incredible things we saw.

st kitts a
We visited the St. Kitts National Museum, but were not allowed to take any photos inside.

I wanted so badly to jump in these gorgeous blue waters of St. Kitts, but, um… well there were thousands of these long silver fish swimming around (looked like long worms but were super fast!) and so I didn’t, because I was unsure of what they are.  That’s too bad… I bet the water felt fine!!!   🙂  Kthanksbutnothanks.

stkitts 3

We look forward to possibly visiting St. Kitts again in the future.  It was a wonderful experience!

This is the ornament we purchased in St. Kitts.  It is laying down so you can’t tell, but it has St. Kitts sand, a few seashells and other “local” goodies inside the glass ball.

Until our next adventure~

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