The Island of St Thomas!

Destination: St. Thomas

My mother came from St. Thomas.  I heard that melody and all I did was actually adapt it.  I made my adaptation of sort of an island traditional melody.  It did become sort of my trademark tune.  ~Sonny Rollins

Oh my, the colors in St. Thomas!  So vivid and clear!  I was in awe the whole time!  Of course, hubby just couldn’t wait to get into the water and explore the sea life.  So he went out and explored the minute we reached the beach, to get an idea of the sea life.  Within 20 minutes, he came back and had me go in with him.  (I was relaxing on the warm sand).  🙂  I couldn’t resist, so we both went back in and were not disappointed in the sea life.  So stinking peaceful under the water!


St. Thomas is beautiful.  Have I mentioned that?  Not only the plant life, and sea life, but look at the colors on the buildings!  It is absolutely 5 o’clock there!  Definitely looking forward to going back to St. Thomas in the future, to explore a bit more.  I would like to see what types of animal life they have (on land).

Until our next adventure~
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