Virgin Islands!

Destination: USVI

Adventure is worthwhile.  ~Aristotle

The Virgin Islands are absolutely gorgeous.  The atmosphere is lovely!  Although we could not grasp everyone driving on the “wrong” side of the road, it was a beautiful area to behold.  The streets were quite narrow, but I am still giving the narrow street award to San Juan, Puerto Rico!  🙂

Everyone was so friendly, and the waters were warm and inviting.  The skies turned a bit cloudy while we were there, but that didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time.  There are a lot of mountains to explore in the Virgin Islands.  And the coast had beautiful gold sand.  We wanted to stay!

USVI National Park Visitor Center.

If you are looking for a wonderful honeymoon spot to explore, the Virgin Islands are a sure-fire bet.  After boating around the area in a speed boat, we explored the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John.  It was humid, but not too bad at all.  I am thinking it was just so warm, that our skin didn’t know what to think.  🙂

usvi 2

Once we were done, we headed over to Trunk Bay Beach.  It was absolute gorgeous!  The water was such a beautiful teal blue and the sea life was incredible.  We did some simple snorkling while we were there and the water was calm and peaceful.  The water temperature was like a warm bath and quite clear.   Unfortunately, hubby was too much in a rush to jump in, so I was unable to get any underwater photos.  He is such a waterbug!

Love how the signs are updated to tell the conditions.
usvi 3
Golden sands so soft with beautiful teal water.

We look forward to returning to the US Virgin Islands again soon!

Until our next adventure~


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