Tugboat Inn!

Destination REVIEW: Tugboat Inn: Boothbay, Maine

While in Boothbay, we stayed in this adorable Inn, called the Tugboat Inn.  This building below is the actual housing, where we stayed.  It overlooks the harbor, and our room had a cute balcony.  We couldn’t use it, because it is currently the middle of winter.  Being that we stayed here during the holidays, everything was adorned with snow and lights.  What a charming little place!  I couldn’t help but write a review!


The outside of the restaurant is all decorated, complete with eyes and lips as you can see below.  And of course the lights were dancing, so it appeared that the lips were singing.


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The rooms were so warm and cozy!  Even the bathrooms had a little window in them, which acted as a night light.  Outside the window in the room, (it is dark in this photo as it is night time) there is a cute balcony, complete with chairs, overlooking the water.

The rooms were quiet, and inviting.  A lot of wooden accents.  The showers were amazing!  3 separate “seashell shelves” for your products, and the water pressure was wonderful!  I honestly believe the shower was my favorite part!  (silly, I know!)  But sometimes you get into hotels/resorts, and the shower pressure is very light – so with someone like me who has long thick hair, showers take forever!  That was not the case in this charming little Inn.


The next morning you can scoot on over to the actual tugboat, for a complementary breakfast.  Here you can see it is quite rustic and charming, with their Christmas tree in the middle.  Windows 3/4 of the way around the room, it overlooks the water, sparkling with sunshine.


Above is a view out the window as we ate breakfast.  Again, it is winter time, so you can see snow on the edges of the white picket fence.  What a gorgeous view for breakfast!

Everyone we encountered during our stay, was pleasant, and very eager to help.  I even had a chance to speak with the owner, and she has personally been there for I believe she said 28 years.  I let her know just how pleased we were with our stay.  We will definitely be back to this little gem, every chance we get.

I don’t often review places we stay, but the Tugboat Inn is definitely a place I would recommend if you are ever in the area.

Until our next adventure~



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