Gardens Aglow!

Destination REVIEW: Gardens Aglow: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Who doesn’t like twinkly lights?  How about 500,000 all in one place?

We just attended Gardens Aglow: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.  It was beautiful!  We arrived just before dusk, so it was still very light outside.   There were already so many people there!  As we took the long walk to the main lodge, we could see it was going to be an exciting adventure.

There were so many people this night, that we had to wait a bit before going inside.

The lodge was beautiful.  But packed.  Considering this was (I believe) one of the last nights they were displaying their 500,000 lights, I would imagine everyone just wanted one last look.  When we walked inside, it was toasty warm, and highly decorated.

Even the ceiling of the lodge was decorated!

In one of the larger rooms, there was a gorgeous village right in the middle.  We could hear the train before entering the room.  It was so warm and inviting.  To one side, they were selling hot drinks such as hot chocolate and coffee, and some snacks.

There was a whole village inside, with moving parts.   A train traveled around it.

Once we got outside after dark, it was like a whole new world out there!  Lights as far as you could see!  They had little buildings all lit up, inside and out, as well as really tall trees.  They also had little animal shapes lit up all over the place as well.  The snow glowed with color and it made these botanical gardens simply light up brightly against the dark sky.

After dark, it was absolutely breathtaking.

We are so glad to have been able to take in the beauty. that is the Botanical Gardens: Festival of Lights.  I hope to go back next year, when they double their lights to 1,000,000!  I can’t even comprehend what that will look like.

If you are ever in the Boothbay Region during the Christmas holiday, please stop by and take a look for yourself.  It’s wonderful!

Lights.  Everywhere!!!  (Yes, that is the moon in the tree, it was so bright).

Until our next adventure~


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