The Little Things!

Destination: Happiness

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life it’s magic. ~Author unknown

You know, sometimes we get so busy during everyday life, and especially around the holidays, that we don’t stop and smell the roses.  Or notice the little things in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been just as guilty as most!!!

We were sitting in the airport this morning waiting to fly out and my hubby went and got a hot chocolate for me, since I was a tad chilly.  I looked down and noticed, wow, this sure is a sad little cup!

happiness 1

When I opened it up, I looked at it again, and BOOM, it “smiled” back at me!  Silly, right?  Well it checked my mood and made me smile back.  Of course other people sitting around us noticed me smiling at my cup and thought I had lost my mind.  (Lol I would have thought the same!). So I showed them the before and after of this simple plastic top.  They all started smiling and that is when we talked about the little things in life.  Talk about a conversation starter!  Sometimes it is the simple things that mean the most.

happiness 2

Anyway one of my favorite things when we travel is meeting new people.  An hour or so later, I was getting us some food for brunch.  This girl got into line behind me and I could tell she works here, by her uniform.  I started a conversation about how hot it is in this terminal (I always find weird ways to strike up a conversation). She immediately caught on and agreed and started laughing and chatting with me.  We talked for a bit and then went our separate ways.

When I got back to the gate, she was sitting here eating her lunch.  She started chatting with me.  We had a lovely conversation.  She shared how she’s a single mom with a baby and the baby’s daddy is now back with his ex and not paying child support. After 45 minutes or so, she got paged and had to go. She told me how much it meant to her, to just be listened to.  She thanked me for being so kind to a stranger when my mom is facing a terminal illness.  I told her that everyone is fighting tough battles and  not to minimize what she is going through because it takes one tough and determined person to be a single working parent to a baby.  I told her I’d keep her and her baby girl in my prayers and to stay strong.

Sometimes the brightest smiles hide the deepest secrets.  The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears.  And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. ~Author Unknown

Who would have thought that a simple statement about the heat, could have turned into getting to know someone’s story?  Sometimes even strangers can use an ear.

That brings me to a situation I was in from earlier this year.  I was in a store, getting a few things.  After getting my items, I pulled up to the cashier.  This gentleman in front of me, probably in his late 70’s early 80’s was having a discussion about a piece of driftwood that he was buying for his wife.  He was fumbling through his wallet and I could tell something was wrong by the way he was acting embarrassed.  He pulled out 5 crinkled one dollar bills and asked the cashier why the small piece of driftwood was $10.  She was rude and basically said she doesn’t set the prices (instead of just apologizing to him or calling for a manager to explain).  I was getting frustrated because I just wanted her to be respectful to him. It was an old piece of wood. Not a diamond ring.

So I finally locked eyes with the cashier, handed her $12.00.  I told her to give him a receipt. Then I said to the elderly gentleman, “today your wife will smile. Take this item home to her”.  He started crying and said, “God bless you, I can not believe there’s still chivalrous people in the world today”.  He said his baby sister just passed away and his wife is going to paint his sisters favorite landscape on the driftwood to place it on her grave.  He smiled at me and said God Bless you again as he walked out the door.  The cashier put her hand over her mouth after he told me his story.  Needless to say after he left, I had a few words with the rude cashier.

My point to all of this is:

1) a coffee cup lid

2) the heat

3) an old piece of wood

It IS all about the little things.  The three items above, which mean nothing to most,  can really mean the world to someone else, even in a round about way – via a conversation, lending an ear or sharing a smile.

When life gets too busy, and too stressful, and things just aren’t looking up, sometimes it only takes a moment to look around for the simplest of things that can brighten the moment.  I guess that is why they say, “take time to stop and smell the roses”.  Because we do get too involved in “busy-ness” to just slow down a bit – enjoy life – and enjoy others.

Until our next adventure~
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