Castillo San Cristobal!

Destination: San Juan National Historic Site

Reach for new heights.  Savor life’s peak experiences.  Don’t get stuck in a rut.  Cherish wide open spaces.  The beauty is in the journey.  ~Advice from the San Juan Mountains

The historic site is very high up.  The photo above is from the top most point of San Cristobal.  We were basically overlooking the city of San Juan.  I bet if it wasn’t a cloudy day, we could have seen for miles!  And the ocean there on the left would have had color.  San Cristobal was built in 1783 by Spain, to protect against land based attacks on the city of San Juan.  It is very old, but is still standing solid.

cristobal 4

San Cristobal had SO many caves and places to explore.  Hubby had a bit of trouble because he is quite tall and some of these tunnels were not even suited for short people like me.  But he really enjoyed it because he is one heck of a history buff.

cristobal 5

Here is yet another tunnel we went into.  I have posted a photo of the actual tunnel below:

cristobal 6

I can’t even imagine living back then, and being in this place… with no electricity… at night.  I guess we would be used to living that way, but with modern age, I am not sure I would have felt safe in there.  However, it was one of the places in the area during battle.

Cristobal 1

One more photo overlooking part of the city.  What a beautiful place to explore.  You can see the gentleman below, who was not very tall, having to bend over to look into yet another tunnel.  This place had so many!  And we explored every single one.  🙂

Until our next adventure~

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