Puerto Rico!

Destination: Puerto Rico

We tend to think of meditation in only one way.  But life itself is a meditation.  ~Raul Julia

Puto Rico is a beautiful place.  The water is blue, the skies are even more blue.  The town is very original to its culture.  Hubby and I traveled to Puto Rico and spent several days there.  We stayed at the Conrad in San Juan, and it was a nice experience.  Very clean.  There was an attached casino, so it did tend to get quite busy there at night.

We, being tourists, decided to go out on a tour of the area, and ended up staying out past dark.  Which in my book, was a bit dangerous.  Beautiful, yes!  But when you don’t know the area, and you are on foot, it can be very easy to get lost.  (and we did!)  Eventually we found our way back to the hotel, and cozied in for the evening.

I personally loved all the night life and all the beautiful lights, but I think we were both a little on edge when we could not find our way back at first.  During the day, we were able to go visit Castillo San Cristobal, a San Juan National Historic Site.  We were able to get to a high point, and look down over part of San Juan.  It really is a colorful place.

san juan 1

All in all, we had good food, and good times.  Although my hubby would tell you that the ocean was a bit-a-lot cold there.  🙂  He couldn’t figure out why the water wasn’t “tropical warm”.   We will always have the memories of the time we spent in Puerto Rico.

NOTE: We are hoping the rebuild of Puerto Rico is going well, since the hurricane they recently endured.  It’s sad to think of all the destruction that occurred.  Prayers for Puerto Rico.

Until our next adventure~
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